WhatsApp lunches out 5 new amazing features

WhatsApp new features

WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging app in the world.WhatsApp new features. The facebook-owned organization is regularly upgrading the software for user-friendly experience.

Users will soon be able to explore the following new updates for both the Android and IOS versions of the software. WhatsApp new features:

1 – Expiring Media:

One of the WhatsApp new features previously, text messages have disappeared. But the media messages are expiring now. The extended version of expired messages that delete media messages, photos, videos, or GIFs and leave no sign of the message.

The message will be removed as soon as the user has entered the chat window. The expired media notification would not leave the message “Message is deleted” or “Media has expired.” They’re all going to disappear.

2-Always MUTE: 

There are some calls, we want to mute permanently, and we don’t want any alerts for those chats.

Previously, users could only mute the chat for a period of one year. To prevent the difficulties of muting it every now and then, WhatsApp has introduced the “Still Mute” option. This functionality was featured a few months ago in Android beta update.

3 – Redesigned Storage Usage Section:

A new section of Data Utilization is added to promote the storage control of the application. This updated portion of storage management has been viewed in version of Android Beta. The enhanced UI of the segment offers visual cues for simple and reliable storage management.

4 – Support for multi-devices:

It’s over the wait. The functionality that users have been patiently waiting for is here. Multi-device compatibility is seen in the implementation process of Android Beta Version 2.20.143. This feature would allow users to run the same WhatsApp account on different platforms.

5-Wallpaper Feature:  

The New wallpaper feature is seen on WhatsApp beta for Android This feature allows users to adapt the wallpaper to the theme used in the app. When a user selects the default wallpaper, the app asks whether you want to download the WhatsApp Wallpaper app, which is an official wallpaper application.



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