What is Search Engine: Crawling, Indexing, and Ranking

What is Search Engine

Search Engine Is what a lot of people will know that Google is a search engine where you type any question, we get the answer in a few seconds.

But friends, how does this engine give us answers to our question so quickly? After all, we are going to give you the answers to all these questions in this post today.

Broadly in Google, where we write a question through a word, it’s a search engine and we all know that most people in the world use Google’s Engine more to find out something online. While search engines like Bing, Yandex, etc., are still far behind Google.

So today we are going to talk basically about Google’s engine, but first, you know what is this Search Engine?

What is Search Engine:

Search Engine is a special software program that helps to convey the information on the Internet to the user. e.g. google, bing, etc.

Now understand this in a simple way – see whenever a user goes to Google or any search engine and asks for a query that we call keywords, the engine will find what a software program does on the Internet that will be aware of the answer from the user’s query and show it on the search engine’s result page (SERP).

What is a Search engine:

Now, as you may be looking at the image above, I have to know what seo is, so I typed in search box in Google WHAT SEO is my query or keyword.

Now what google’s search engine will do is submit all the web pages or blog posts to Google that will search for seo and best show me what they are ranking according to the main task of search engine.

How search engine works:

You know what the search engine is now knowing how it works. Any Engine has its own secret mathematical formula which we usually know as the algorithm.

These are algorithms that index and then index data by visiting a website. On the Search Result page

Although large search engines like Google and Bing definitely give some information about how you optimize your website so that the algorithm we create can get to know it and rank you, they avoid giving you accurate information so that no one uses it in a wrong way.

Now, as far as the search engine is in the process of working, any search engine has to work in three phases –





The first search engine that works is crawling to visit websites that have been submitted to the engine means the website submitted and approved in Google’s search console.

Search Engine’s Crawler, bot or spider is known to people by a lot of names (which are autmatic programs) they collect all the submitted website data.

Now, what these crawlers are what they see by visiting any website –

Title of Page or post

Which keywords are used in the page

How many link are there in a page or website

Whether image or video is not and has not been renamed by keywords

whether the meta is a description

What is the quality of the content

When the Page has been updated


Now the data of the website has been collected, but it is also processed to organize so much information that the website pages have taken in a proper manner.

You understand that there is a book that has a lot of lessons, but if we want to see them at once, indexing the first page of the book has a page with all the lesson names and page numbers. Similarly, Google’s search engines also store the data of the website by storing information like title, keyword, meta, etc.


And the third and last step is ranking means if a user comes to Google’s search engine and asks for a question or query, who is giving the best answer to that query from the information that has been indexed by the search engine of different websites? see

Also, exactly the same word from the word used in that query is well-off in which pages are indexed. After seeing all this, the engine displays the best page to the user on its Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

What are the Top 5 Search Engine:

However, google’s search engine is the only one who uses it to get information about anything. But there are other search engines that use, let’s also know about them –

1 – Google:

As I already told you, Google’s search engine is on top of it. About 5.8 billion searches occur on Google every day, with around 70,000 people every second asking their query on Google.

70% of people use the world’s Google, so there is no doubt that Google’s rule on the Internet is not only Google’s database of the most information but also the user’s data with Google.

2 – Bing:

The second number comes from Microsoft’s Bing, which is not too much but yes, a little bit of google gives a competition. 33% of people in the US use bing search engines. And as it is seen, its interface is exactly the same as Google.

However, Bing on your engine is definitely known for some of its extra features, like if you search in some Bing, gives you a few points you get to use later.

3 – Yahoo:

The third number comes from yahoo although the start-up trend was quite high, but Google could not modify or update its engine in the manner in which it is third today.

Although the interface of Yahoo’s search engine is also very good for the user and its results are very effective and accurate, a lot of people definitely like it.

4 – Baidu:

The fourth number comes from Baidu which came in 2000. It is an Engine of China and is also quite popular. Although it is mainly used mostly in China, it is now used in more places in the world, making its users grow.

5 – Yandex:

And the last fifth number comes from Yandex, which was in 1997 and is one of the most used search engines in Russia.

Although 65% of Yandex is used in Russia, you can search for images, videos.


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