Samsung Releases a UV sterilizer for phones and other gadgets

Samsung Releases UV sterilizer

2020 the year of the pandemic every person wants to be saved himself from the deadly Covid-19 virus, every person wants to keep his hand clean and less attraction with the face, but it is very problematic to handle, washing hand after touching something is not easy-sometimes we don’t remind to wash the hands. The phone is the most attractive, thing which we touch-many times in a day and, we don’t know if the virus exists on the mobile screen, For this Samsung, releases a UV sterilizer to clean the kill the virus.

Samsung announced a suitable-name for this product, “UV Sterilizer.” today in Thailand. This Product of Samsung looks like a plastic box in which you can fit any mobile gadgets, like earbuds, watch, and smartphone with a 6.2-inch screen can fit-easily in it. According to Samsung, the box charge with a wirelessly with (10W) Charger.

Samsung Releases UV sterilizer

Samsung claims that “UV Sterilizer.” can kill 99% of bacteria on your devices. For this process, you need to put your gadgets in the box and then close it. There is a led indicator light that shows you that your devices or gadgets are completely Sterilize.

Samsung releases UV sterilizer is a piece of big news around the globe. we can see that Samsung is helping the people globally with the help of technology. Firstly Samsung launches a handwashing app in his Galaxy watches. This-gives a thumbs up to Samsung that the need to discover new devices that help people to fight the virus.

Currently, Samsung is selling the “UV Sterilizer.” in Thailand for $50. But we are not sure that Samsung is launching this sterilizer in other countries or not.


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