How to write a Blog? Fully SEO Friendly (Stay Legal & Safe!)

write a Blog

How to write a blog! Writing quality content as necessary to achieve blogging is additionally necessary to form that content SEO friendly.

While making an equivalent content SEO friendly to quality content where users hook up with you forever, Google’s crawlers understand what your post or content is about in order that they will rank it on relevant keywords in their program.

How to write a Blog?

Although a number of the new blockers do what they are doing, either just start writing content after designing the blog, but don’t optimize that content consistent with SEO now albeit your content is sweet, how will it rank unless Google’s crawlers understand which keyword this post is written over?

How To Write SEO Friendly blog?

Now I’m getting to tell you 10 points of how you’ll write an SEO Friendly blog which will rank your post on the highest page of Google –

1 – Keyword Research:

Before writing any post on your blog, you’ve got to research keywords well for it. this is often a really important process that tons of bloggers don’t take so seriously, while half SEO’s work is of keyword research.

First of all, whatever topic you’re thinking of writing above, suppose you would like to write down a post above the web business idea, first of all, you’ll need to attend Google’s search box and write their online business ideas in the USA.

And you do not need to enter press you will see that you’re getting some suggestion below:

And then paste these noted keywords into a keyword research tool like semrush, ubbersuggest, Keyword Tool, or keywords everywhere and see what proportion they need search volume.

How many people look for this keyword on Google during a month of meaning and these tools also assist you skills much competition is on these keywords. Here is some more useful keyword at bottom of the page.

Now that the search volume is high and therefore the competition is slightly lower, you’ll assume your main keyword and also find it on Google by checking out 4 to five LSI keywords.

Along with doing keyword research, you’ve got to ascertain how the articles that are already ranked on the keyword I even have selected have written the content.

You have to try to research what percentage ideas are ranked within the top on this keyword within the online business idea in the USA, also as what points, it’s covered.

2 – Prepare the structure of blog posts:

If you write any article within just one heading, it’ll not make anyone understand your article. When a piece of writing is written, it’s a variety of parts or points, like I write a post above the web business idea in the USA, so what percentage online business ideas I’m talking about 10 or 15 will put all of them during a separate subheading.

The structure of the blog post requires you to make a decision what percentage points I’ll mention during this post before writing a post.

Also, you’ll see the articles that rank at the highest of Google, then you’ve got to believe how you’ll structure your posts better so as that you’ll beat them in order to make a structure within the first a part of my post and what is going to happen within the last.

3 – Set up blog titles and URLs:

Which blog post title must be attractive because the user first sees your title and decides your title whether the user will read your post or not. Also, the purpose of view of SEO features a lot of title imports like :

Your main keyword is added to your title

The other which is your title is within the middle of the 55 –60 character. What quite content will remain in your entire blog should be understood by your title.

it’s important to possess your title unreactive or catchy as Google shows 10 leads to its SERP where the user clicks on the link to your post as long as it finds your title interaction.

The URL comes after the title, it’s important for you to understand what it should be because many new blowers make mistakes here too and that i tell you that the URL of the post may be a very major think about SEO.

1-First of all, once you A post on wordpress, it creates a default URL, you’ve got to vary it.

2-The second thing is your URL short and has your main keyword.

And a crucial point a few URL if you modify the URL after publishing the post, you ought to use 301 redirects.

4 – Use heading Correctly:

A well-optimized blog post is that the same during which the heading is employed correctly. Many bloggers use h2,h3 heading anywhere within the blog, which isn’t in the least correct in order that your blog won’t be ranked.

  • 1-The first one that’s the title of your blog post is within the h1 heading, and you do not need to use h1 anywhere.
  • 2-Then the most heading you’ve got should be in h2.
  • 3-Then place the most heading inside which you employ subheading in h3.
  • 4-So the structure of your blog post should be during this manner- h1>h2 >h3

And once you use heading correctly in your blog, Google’s crawler also makes it much easier to crawl and index your posts, thereby increasing the probabilities of your post’s ranking.

5 – Keep paragraphs short in blog posts:

Always keep paragraphs small once you write a blog post in order that the user understands your blog post alright because then your blog post becomes very clear.

Also, if you’re focusing more on a keyword or a word during a paragraph, roll in the hay boldly because it also shows the user and google’s crawler has been focused on this word.

6 – Do Internal Linking:

When you write a blog? Whenever you’re writing a blog post, you want to add the link to the posts that you simply have previously written which are almost like your new blog post.

This method is usually called internal linking and is additionally an enormous factor consistent with SEO.

As I’m writing a post above digital marketing immediately and first I write the post on SEO, keywords, backlink separately, I need to add those posts to my post with this digital marketing post. Because it makes a positive sign to Google and also to the user in order that they will hook up with our blog for an extended time because they’re getting information and that they are moving from an equivalent page to tons of pages.

7 – Use the keyword as required, don’t stuff keywords:

A lot of bloggers think that putting keywords within the post will rank my blog, in order that they use keywords in posts where it doesn’t have any sense. What we usually call keyword stuffing and Google doesn’t love it in the least that you’re using keywords during a forced sentence.

You have to naturally use the keyword where it’s being created, and you ought to use the LSI keywords that aren’t the most keywords everywhere. This also improves the SEO of your post and your post can rank in Google, not just on the most keywords but also on equivalent keywords that are associated with it.

8 – Optimize the length of the blog post:

How many words should my post be ranked on Google? Should I write an extended post, most of the bloggers are consigned to it?

Look guys, it isn’t that you simply need to write a really long post as long as your blog ranks, yes, whatever topic you’re writing about, you ought to attempt to offer you an honest answer to all or any the questions that you simply have within the mind of the user, regardless of how long your post is occurring .

Never attempt to force you to lengthy-get the useless information within the post, just how you’ll better explain your topic to your user and provides it good information that ought to be your effort.

9 – Meta description optimized:

When you write a blog. The more important your title and URL in any blog post is that the more important Meta description means google’s SERP also shows you meta description with the title and URL of your post, which Google’s crawlers must configure.

Google also has some rules about meta description, like –Your blog post must be within the meta 200 character and have the most keyword in your blog post.

10- Use the post image by optimizing:

The last point I’m telling you is that whatever image you employ in your blog post, first compress it to mean the minimum size that you’ll use tiny.png, which can also fix the loading speed of your blog. Secondly, if your image may be a file name and alt txt, keep the most keyword of your blog post, which can rank your post also because of the image of your post on Google.

Represent your image your post clearly to understand what your post is about and your post image is unreactive in order that the user connects with you.


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