How to make money from Youtube

How to make money from Youtube

It’s important to know how to make money from YouTube for those who now want to open their own channel on YouTube.

Because what happened a few years ago was that every man who came to YouTube and opened the channel and put 2, 3 videos, google adsense on his channel became active or the creator would very easily get the approval.

But in the last few years, all this has changed on YouTube, you have become very strict in this case, and now there are a lot of terms and conditions in the approval of adsense. About whom we will tell you in detail below.

But there’s nothing to be nervous about, you can still make money from YouTube by creating your own channel on YouTube through quality videos and increasing audiences, and adsense on YouTube is not just a way to earn money but many more good ways to earn money from YouTube

In today’s very special post, friends, we are going to tell you in detail all the ways in which you can make money from your YouTube channel.

How to make money from YouTube:

Friends, first we tell you step-by-step how you can make your YouTube channel worth making money because at today’s time you won’t be able to earn money only by creating YouTube channels and you’ll have to do many more things.

1. Create your YouTube channel:

First, you need to create a channel on YouTube.

Step 2. Grow your channel according to the YouTube Partner Program requirements:

Friends after creating your YouTube channel, you have to put quality videos on it regularly and make a good promotion so that your channel can fulfill the youTube Partner Program’s requirements as only then you get the approval of Google Adsense.

And these are the youTube Partner Program’s requirements that your YouTube channel should have 1000 subscribers a year and all your videos should have a watch time of at least 4,000 hours.

How to grow Subscriber on YouTube channel

Ways to make money from YouTube:

First Way – Google Adsense:

Now, as I told you above, your channel has more than 1000 subscribers a year and the watch time of your videos has been more than 4000 hours.

So now you can comfortably apply for google adsense and then the Adsense team will also review your channel and if it feels all right like you don’t have copyright content on your channel and you’ve created a video that’s great enough to get a video from your topic, your adsense request will be approved.

And you can put the ad provided by Google in each of your videos and when your user clicks on those ad, you get the money.

So guys this is the first way to make money from YouTube which is very popular. Google Adsense depends on how much money you’ll be able to earn, how many views come to your videos and how much the cost of the ad you’ve made.

Another Way – Affiliate Marketing:

Yes, friends, the second-best way to earn money from youTube channel is affiliate marketing.

You can also give a link to your product in your description and also to tell your user in the video that you run an affiliate program that runs an affiliate program and is also related to the topic of your channel so that you can easily buy it by clicking on the link given to us.

So basically you have to first join the affiliate program of the big company and then give the link to their product in a description of your YouTube videos.

If your viewer clicks on the link and buys the product from the company, you get the commission that the company has fixed.

The third way – sponsored video:

The third way to make money through YouTube sponsored videos you make | But this is only possible if you become a big YouTuber and you become a million subscribers.

Because only then does the company contact you and ask you to promote your product from your channel, in return, the company is willing to give you a lot of good money.

Fourth way – sell your own product:

Yes, you can sell your own product to your viewers through your YouTube channel.

This is also a great way to earn money from youTube channels, such as a digital product (e-book, an online course, etc.) or an electronic device, etc.

How much money can be earned from YouTube:

Now, as friends, you know how you can earn money from YouTube, but how much you can earn will definitely be a question in your mind.

The answer is that some categories like tech, beauty fashion, etc. mean that you are giving information to people that you get ad with high cpc from Google, meaning the company that is running ad on Google by paying money has a very high budget.

So when a user clicks on those ads through your videos, you also get more money.

Other entertainment, music channels that have low CPC ad or low cost, so they need more viewers to make money.

Now, as far as how much money you can earn, make sure that one thing is clear how many subscribers you have on your channel, it doesn’t matter how many people understand that the more subscribers they earn the most money on YouTube.

Nothing means that the subscriber is your audience if you upload a new video, your video reaches as many people instanly, but they will click on ad or watch your video completely.

So the more view you get on your videos, you can definitely guess how much money you’ll earn.

Suppose if every video of a channel has a million viewers, it may be easy to earn from $1000 TO $2OOO.


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