How to get your first job on Upwork – 5 TIPS THAT WORK

get your first job on Upwork

How to get your first job on Upwork. Everyone asked that you are writing articles about the bidding process, bidding strategies, but you have a badge of top-rated, you have a success rate of 98%, you have so many jobs. You will get any job easily but as a person, I am a new user just starting on Upwork Why would someone will offer me job So this is for people new on Upwork but they know and they have a skill anything like web designing, word press, writing, graphic designing, web development or data entry having any sort of skill but you are new on Upwork read it carefully and let me make you understand how to win job so the first thing you have to do is.

Tip Number-1

You have to complete your profile 100% and get it verified. so a verified profile with 100% completion rate, upload portfolio write descriptions your profile is 100% complete afterwards you will proceed to bid on projects.

Tip Number-2

The technique is when you are bidding on the job since you are new so while starting job mention your proposal, that even though I am new on Upwork but I have this much experience already and I have attached the relevant portfolio examples make portfolio samples ready which you have done in niche relevant to that job and tell them since I am new so I will give you 10% less rate as compared to others or maybe if its web design I will design a logo for free or offer any complimentary service or discount so for that discount you have a chance that client can trust you but you have to win their trust it’s very necessary to make them ensure through your existing portfolio sample and through the links you give them of the work you have done that I am able to do this as already have done this its just I am doing this on Upwork for the first time.

Tip Number-3

The third tip for you is when you read his/her proposal/job post then try to figure out the problem mostly when you read carefully job post you can understand that according to business what trouble is client-facing read carefully and address the solution according to the problem in first two line of your proposal that I saw the link you have given us but the problem is like conversion issues or your call to action is not prominent or maybe due to high rate bounce that caused to error spend some time so the second tip is you have to spend some time on client’s website or design, on that job post and to identify the problem and give solution First one was to offer a discount, or a complimentary service the second is the solution, figure out the problem and provide a solution.

Tip Number-4

The Fourth tip for, you if you are new only on Upwork you have your existing portfolio maybe you have made WordPress plugins, or maybe you have made mock-ups maybe you have made some designs, use them for your market show them this is i have already done for people and this is what I can do for you there is one more way for this is briefcase technique but this is not mine it’s of rams it Sethi and they make people learn it on “I teach you to be rich” but I have borrowed this from him briefcase technique basically works like the job post you read and you proposed that job take time while proposing, Send an initial proposal and take some time after sending client message for example what you have to do is if a person needs a logo to be designed for a random company make an effort even though its time taking and not have result assured for the money equal to your time spent but at least you would have tried. make some logo mockups for that too make some basic logo mockups without any pay without getting the job make some effort on your own make that and send to the client, like this is I have done for you and if you like this we can move with it further and if you are new on Upwork but you have skill so these techniques should work for you as per now you have used all these techniques and whenever you get a job, you first focus should not be price because you are new you will not get that price that you are demanding just like we graduate from university, and teachers have told us Oh! You have done CMS, CS, You are Engineer Electrical Engineer, You should earn this much and when we go to a company they say we will pay you 10,000 for internship and you are like what ? so if you are being offered that internship takes it if you are being offered 10 dollar job take it because others at the same time have better review and rating than you and to get to that level you have to have something I am at one Ten million profile but my first job was of three dollar. Can you imagine that? but you have to do it. Even though you will feel that it’s very less as compared to my skills but you have no other option to gain experience, ratings, reviews, its necessary to do something rather than having nothing. so if you have the skill, and you are new then it doesn’t matter then post on relative jobs In my previous article I have told you that how to pick the job and how to bid on that so learn from there and then you can go ahead.

Tip Number-5

My final tip I do not usually recommend this but if you are starting and do not have any other option and you are getting desperate then your friends or family members having an account on Upwork request them to post you a job and give me 10$, 20$, 50$. Post me any small job Or there is an existing client of yours which is not working and you are working with them through Skype, or word of mouth or website say him to award the job on Upwork usually you can also if it is 10$ or Ten thousand job he is paying you for that work ask him to create 10 jobs each cost 10 dollars create 5 jobs each 20$ do this for him on Upwork and ask him to give you 5 stars feedback and also in that matter pay Upwork’s fee on your own so it may not cause hassle for him and get your purpose fulfilled so that would be all for today if you have liked my article then please like it And having any questions e.g. new or senior on Upwork any concerns on your Upwork profile, there is hold, any sort of problem clients are not contacting or having disputes with clients any sort of issue you can get to me tell me in comments ask for my email address will provide you and we can talk about it. because I have had many people.there was a person came to me from Faisalabad having dispute issue on his profile please solve, and I did it. I am happy to help, I am earning through this and I want everyone in Pakistan to earn independently we should not be staring at employers or company or a relative for the job. No! I want to help all of you, so ask me I will be happy to help and if you have liked my video Then please subscribe, so that my future uploads may help you and thus helping me also because I have spent time on writing this article for you people so thank you so much have a good day!



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