Top 5 Free WordPress hosting companies

Free WordPress hosting

Hello friends, today we are about to talk about Top 5 free Hosting for WordPress. If you are a newbie blogger and you want to learn WordPress, then you can learn by creating your WordPress blog in free hosting.

Nowadays everyone wants to have a professional blog but for this, it is necessary to spend more money. You can also create your free blog on many free platforms like Blogspot and publish your post on it.
But if you want more features, then for this you have to select a good platform like WordPress. To create a blog in this, you have to buy hosting and domain by yourself. All the data of your blog is stored in your hosting.

For those who have never created a blog in WordPress before, it becomes very difficult to create a blog by purchasing hosting for the first time. Often, people keep asking me a lot of questions related to making a blog in WordPress in a comment. This shows that there is a lot of confusion related to creating a blog in WordPress in the mind of a new user.

If you are also going to create a blog in WordPress for the first time, before that you can also learn WordPress using free hosting. WordPress is very easy, you will learn it in a few days, then you can purchase hosting from a good hosting provider.

Keep in mind that I will not allow you to use free hosting. You can use it only for the purpose of learning WordPress. If you use free hosting for your blog, then if you create any problem beyond this, then you will be responsible for it. It is not recommended for serious blogging, yes, you can use it to know and understand WordPress.

Top 5 Free Hosting Providers for WordPress Blog.

1- 000WebHost:

It comes in the top free hosting company. It is a very old hosting company, which was formed in 2004 itself. It has been a very good performer compared to other free hosting. It has been a long time in the industry, due to which people trust them a lot.

Most free hosting has auto ads setup but it is an ad-free hosting company. The best part of it is that it promises to give you up to 99.9% downtime. I am telling you below some of its key features.

  • 99% Uptime Guarantee
  • One-click installer
  • Free domain (with extension)
  • 1.5GB storage
  • 10GB bandwidth
  • Infinite domain names
  • PHP and MySQL Databases, FTP, instant backup
  • 5 emails account with POP3 and IMAP
  • SPAM protection and Mail Forwarder
  • phpMyAdmin, Directories for Password Protection


As it is known by its name that there is 10x hosting. This is the best free cloud hosting. Its performance is very good. In this, you will also get the latest version php, mysql and cPanel with full access to your account. The performance of this hosting is very tremendous.

  • cloud SSD cloud servers.
  • Full Control over the PHP scripts.
  • High performance
  • optimized features.
  • Flexible web hosting.
  • One-click software installation
  • Easy-upgrades and daily updates.
  • User-friendly web hosting tools.


By its name, you must have known that this is a completely free hosting company. There is no paid plan. This hosting company is perfect for them, who are going to create their blog for the first time. You will get very good security in this and there is 24/7 customer support as well. In this, articles and videos are also available for customer support.

One drawback with all these great features is that you get only 250MB of storage and mysql storage is only up to 10MB. So I mentioned above that it is a better option for startup. Its other features are like this.

  • shared and cloud hosting platform.
  • One-click installer
  • Site management tools
  • statistics to evaluate progress.
  • High leveled security.
  • 24/7 helpful customer support

4- Accuweb Hosting:

This is another great hosting for you, in which you can host your WordPress site for free. Apart from this free plan, it also offers a paid plan. You can change your plan at any time later.

It provides you with hosting for a lifetime. In which you will get 2 GB SSD storage and 30GB bandwidth. In this, you can create a maximum of 10 databases. You can add a single domain to it. Its server has been very well optimized, which will speed up the loading speed of your site.

  • Blazingly fast websites.
  • Custom Domain names.
  • High-level security with multi-layer DDoS Protection.
  • Complementary backup of your site!
  • Advertisement free.
  • Helpful and friendly customer support.
  • SEO optimized plugins.
  • Google Apps Integration.


It is officially built for WordPress and Joomla. It has been very well optimized, so that the performance of your site will be even better. Their support teams are also very good, they are always ready to help their clients.

It also has the option of bacis control panel as well as one-click installation. With which you can easily install wordpress. Its biggest feature is that it keeps daily backup of your site. Which makes you very secure. We are telling you about its other features below.

  • 500MB Disk Space
  • 1 CPU Core
  • 1 GB RAM
  • Free subdomain
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited email addresses

All these hosting companies provides you hosting for free, where you can host WordPress. I would like to tell you once again that these hosting companies use only to learn WordPress. This may give you a very good security option, but still, it is not secure. If you want to blog in serious then buy hosting from a good hosting provider.


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