Best Freelancer Jobs in 2020

Best Freelancer Jobs

Due to COVID-19 the demand for Freelancer increase. Where many people around the world lose their jobs many take freelancing as a career. There are many freelancing marketplaces. The best freelancer marketplaces in 2020 are Upwork, Fiverr ( If you are a beginner and want to start freelancing as a career Fiverr is the best place for you to start the race) PeoplePerHour, Freelancer. Due to COVID-19 the competition in freelancing marketplace increase. Here are the Best Freelancer jobs in 2020 you must go For;

1: Video Creation:

Video Creation is on Top best Freelancer skill. Last month PeoplePerHour revealed a list of top 10 Freelancer jobs in 2020 and the Video Creation is on Top in the list. If you are Good in Video Creation. You can easily-Start your Freelancer Carrer as a video Creator. For video creation, Youtube is the best way to kick start your freelancing Carrer.

2: Content Creation:

Content creation is also the most demanding Skill in 2020, Content Creation has many types like., Copywriting, Article-writing, and many others if you have a good writing skill you can do choose Content writing as a freelancer Career. There are many jobs available in freelancer marketplaces that you can easily apply for and you will get one in no time if you have a Good Content writing Skill.

3: Social Media Marketing:

Social Media Marketing is the best professional for you to choose Social media marketing has a very vast field There are thousand of jobs daily posted on freelancer marketplaces. Internet marketing is not an easy freelancing job you must have a great experience in this job to get orders in freelancing market places. There are many Free online courses available on the internet through which you can learn Social Media Marketing. You can learn, free social media course from UDEMY.

4: Graphics Designing:

Graphic Designing is also a popular job in 2020 in Freelance, marketplaces. Now the question is this which type of freelancing job you want to do it can be Logo Designs, Poster Making, or maybe Animated video creation jobs. This, is on you which type of Graphic desig18ning job you want to do on the freelancing marketplace. There are also free online courses that are available on the Internet from where you can learn this skill.

5: Data Entry:

According to PeoplePerHour Data Entry is also a freelancer job that is still in demand. Many Companies hire freelancers for managing their account data. So if you know how to do Data Entry you can also go for this skrill to start the freelancing career. 

These are the most demanded freelancing skrill in 2020 but in my opinion, don’t ever stick to a single skill. For a Freelancer, this is important to keep himself updated. So try to learn those skills which are in demand to become a Successful Freelancer.


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