59 Million Americans are doing Freelancing – Generating $1.2 trillion annually


According to an Upwork survey, 59 million Americans do freelancing, which is almost 40% of the U.S. workforce. Many creative freelancers receive about $80,000 in annual income with distinct abilities.

When many Americans are turning to Freelance during the pandemic, there’s a peculiar change in the work market. A benchmark for what is yet to come may well be set by this latest pattern.

Youngsters prefer flexible work options rather than opting for a full-time job since world economies have imposed lockdowns since March, many full-time workers have been laid off, and most significantly, the truth in the world right now is that there are no jobs available.

Upwork (NASDAQ: UPWK) shares grew in September by 14.5 percent, says S&P Global Market Intelligence.

The Upwork study also states that 36 percent of freelancers are full-time freelancers, a huge 8 percent rise from 2019. 75% of people who quit their full-time employment claim they make the same or more cash for freelancing as their conventional job and 22% have recorded a rise in their overall annual freelance earnings, taking freelancers’ annual earnings to $1.2 trillion this year.


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